It was a lovely morning to plant the shovel flag, gather the pax of 10 in the construction zone, and begin with inspiration from ball bearings. Wonk is off his meds, so it was a wild day.

burpee starjumps x 10

Warm up: good morning x 15, SFAC x 8 (reverse x 8), hold it for countarama.

The Thang:

take the BO to the PO for some slow merkins x 5 and squats x 15 (repeato x 3)

Mosey over to the Baptist Church to walk the aisle. first do a few rounds of plank, left, right, mountain climbers x 10.

four cones. backpedal the short distance, run one long, lunge walk the other. at all the four cones do: merkins x 5, LBC x 20, wides x 7.

Across the street to the hill for a round of sevens. standard merkins at the bottom, diamonds at the top.

Over to the cones in the freshly cut field. (mud run prep). bear crawl out, do one exercise, lunge walk in, 10 SSH. keep going through each set. The first set was 20 Rosalitas, 20 dollys, 10 ‘merican hammers. The second set was 10 merkins, 20 dying cockroaches, 25 freddy mercury’s.

Cakalaky choochoo x 2

bear crawl indian run back to the top.

run back to the starting line (out of time)

COT: Everyone did great, YHC tried to push bear crawls today because they are just good clean fun.

sign up for the mud run, the mule, and post at CVM on 9/11 to climb a bunch of stairs (110 flights to be exact.)