YHC attempted briefly to solicit some of the  Pax from Pullen to join the uphill both ways trudge to the Arena, with only one taker and YHC’s co site Q, the remainder of the Pullen Pax were intent on chasing Fannie.  The number would be 3, and we were off.

The Thang:

On the jog to THP, Duff & Deputy Queen remarked about our most recent FNG Torch, that he would certainly be leading the Pax if he were to make the days pain fest.  Though upon arrival we quickly determined that it would just be us. Head to the courtyard for our first COP.

SSH x 15, GM x 15, IW x 15

Find a spot on the wall for L/R step ups and dips x 15, and repeto.

COP 2: Merkin Pyramid to 8 & BLT Pyramid by 5’s to 25, something new for the Arena thanks to YHC’s time with our favorite fairy tale character at Metamorphosis.  That comes out to 64 Merkins & 125 LBC’s.

R&R back to the front Lot for some interval sprints, run to island 10 Merkins, to the sign 15 burpies, back to the island for 10 Merkins, back to the start and plank it out. Repeat once with a winter theme Ski Abs x 15 Dan Jansen’s x 20 Ski Abs x 15, and one last time with LBC’s x 20 Alternating Lunge’s x 20 LBC’s x 20, and done.

Head across Goode to the tracks and find a rock, curls x 15, press’s x 15, and Extensions x 15, find a more reasonable sized rock and repeat.

R&R back to the courtyard where we hoped to finish out with a little Mary, upon arrival we realized Deep Clean had been moved up a week due to Labor Day.  With a quick wave to Torch and some of the other men gathered, we headed back out to the front lot for a quick round of stretching and we were off for our jog back uphill to Pullen.

The PAX made it back to Pullen just in time for Mary & COT with the big group.


As the school year starts back up, YHC is taking on a new role at Bible Study Fellowship where his Saturday’s will be taken for a leaders meeting except for 1 Saturday a month. I will miss the Coffiteria for sure, and surprisingly I’ll look forward to the double uphill run every chance I’ll get.

Even with a lower attendance than we had hoped for at the Arena, the overall feeling YHC takes from the weekly grind is good, a since of satisfaction in being present.  Great lessons come from actions and dedication given in circumstances that many may see as futile.  God has put on the hearts of many F3 men to be willing to be present even in the light of little to no THP participation.  A reaffirmation that not all fruit grows fast or even plentiful, and in some cases we may not see here the fruits of this labor.  But making a difference in our community and hopefully the lives of some of the men of the Arena may mean being part of the road crew, the ones behind the curtain.  Thanks to all who have participated so far, it has been a blessing for YHC to be a part of.

If you have been to the Arena, please consider stepping up to Q this Fall and Winter.  If you have not been, why not? It’s a great workout and a unique time to step out of the comfort zone of your “regular” workout.  It’s somewhat discouraging to see 27 men watch 3 men head off to another workout without any thought of joining.  YHC see’s no reason 8 to 10 shouldn’t be able to post weekly at the Arena, this is a great opportunity to show other men in our community what F3 is all about and that in our book, they matter.   YHC is constantly reminded that we are only a few bad decisions away from similar circumstances as these men.  Genesis 1:27 states “God created man in his own image in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”  Please consider making the Arena a part of your monthly rotation, we have a signup sheet for both Q’s and PAX.