Something for everyone will be offered up for all the art-goers @ NCMA this week.  Come have some fun!

Partner up with similar speed (if possible) and warm up (COP) @ NC Museum of Art -front parking lot.

The Thang:

Warm up run with PAX  down the Greenway and turn right onto the blue loop @ old train station depot. Turn left @ water fountain to stay on the blue loop heading back towards NCMA.

@ Bottom of Hill before the CORNCOB, grab a rock.

15X Squat Press

15X Bent Rows

15X Diamond Rock Merkins

Drop your rock and run to the DOJO (quick pace -no jogging/yogging!).

15X Derkins

15X Box Jumps

15X Dips

Exit the Dojo to right (towards porta-johns) and turn right on path, past the Kite, and left back down the hill past the CORNCOB to where you started.

Pick up your rock and REPEATO entire circuit.

@ 6:05 head back to front parking lot for Mary.

How many loops can you do?

Let’s get after it!  See you @ the museum.