No rain as cars were rolling into the Cletus lot.  Midget4Life keeps his Cletus costumes going dressing up as Maverick to keep us all entertained. Quick disclaimer given for one FNG – Welcome Pony Boy and we were off. Quick run from the parking lot down the track to the far parking lot.

  • SSH X 25
  • Windmill X20
  • Hillbilly X 20
  • Mountain  Climber X 20

The Thang

Cletus Mucho Chesto Mile.   2.5 laps around large track with five stops along the way.  Stop 1 – Merkins X 10, Stop 2 – Wide Grip Merkin X 10, Stop 3 Diamonds X 10, Stop 4 Left Arm Extended Merkins X 10, Stop 5 Right Arm extended Merkins X 10.  Rinse and repeat.  Challenge given.  If the group isn’t able to finish under 10 minutes a 5 burbie penalty per minute over for the entire group.  We came in 12:10 – 10 burbies applied.


Two line Indian run over to the stairs and back to the tennis court for the conclusion.

Blackjack. Everyone take a spot on the line of the tennis court for Blackjack.  1 Star Jump, run to the far side of the tennis court for 20 squats, run back 2 Star Jumps, run to the other side 19 squats… you get the idea.  Audibles were called out shortening the distance between exercises as time was getting away.  Dealer Won as final audible was called due to time.


People’s Chair Indian Run. The PAX all took a spot on the pole around the tennis court in People’s Chair holding out their hands.  The guy at the end ran the perimeter of the court giving a high five to each person along the way.  Once they got to the front and assumed the People’s Chair position the next guy went until everyone made it around.


Quick Mary as we were running short on Time.  10 Boat Canoes right into 10 American Hammer’s, right into 6inch leg hold for 10 count, right into floppy bird for 10 count.


It is always an honor to take the group out on Friday at Cletus. Everyone gave it their all and came strong. Reminder for the Crawl on Saturday – 4pm at Action Park with 25 lb Ruck Sack, money for pitstops along the way, poncho, and ID.