The hill of choice for a while at True Grit was always the dam hill. YHC remembers many miserable mornings spent on that hill; many times with the grass up to the pax’s waist. However over time, the hill of choice has slowly transitioned to the grueling stretch of Shelley Rd parallel to Millbrook. in order to keep up with the times, thats where the pax spent most of their morning.

The thang

Mosey up the sidewalk to the west side of the dam then across and down to the pull up bars

25 SSh
10 Good Mornings
15 standard merkins
20 standard squats

Split into 3 groups

Group 1 does 10 pullups 10 burpees 20 LBC’s on repeat
Group 2 is 100 yds away doing 20 box jumps, 20 dips, 20 derkins on repeat
Group 3 is bearcrawling from group 1 to group 2 and tagging out group 2
Group 2 then runs back to group 1 to tag them out, and then group 1 bearcrawls to where group 3 now is to tag them out

run through 2 rotations of this circuit

Mosey down the greenway, under millbrook to Shelley Rd

4 cross streets on Shelley

Suicide ladder up Shelley rd to the stoplight.
Run up 2 cross streets then down 1

Then From the top run the same pattern descending
Run down 2 cross streets then up 1

Sprint to the second cross street and back
Again sprint to the second cross street and back

Mosey back to the parking lot

15 merkins in cadence


– Strong work by all

– The climbs up Shelley Rd suck, long steep grade makes for burning legs by by the final stretches

– Realized half way through the first circuit that I need to do more pullups. Too good of an exercise to skip out on.

Thanks for the keys Ron, till next time.