It’s Classic Rock.
It’s Eggs & Bacon.
It’s Hot Dogs & Baseball.
It’s Fireworks.
It’s that first girl you kissed.
It’s Atari’s Asteroids.
It’s your Mom’s home cooking.
It’s watching Fred Flintstone after school.
It’s every classic you can name all rolled up into one.
It’s The Forge.

And on 9/13, this was the menu.


Good Mornings / Std Mericans / Imperial Walkers / Some other stuff

Run from Pullen across Western Blvd — watch Popeye tango with traffic

Grab a rock
Run up Bilyeu Dr to Kirby Dr man hole, then back down
Curls x20
Repeato with: Presses x30 / Wood Choppers x20 / Triceps x20 / Curls x20

Run back across Western Blvd more safely than before. Run up to shelters above the carousel.

S1 – Iricans x20
S2 – 8-Point Man-Makers x20
S3 – Mini-Jacks x20
S4 – Squats x20
S5 – Called an audible due to not wanting to disturb the men sleeping in Shelter 5

Run up to the tennis courts

4 STATION SHUFFLE (on the tennis courts)
P1 – Shuttle Run
P2 – Flutter Kicks
P3 – Boat-Canoes
P4 – Balls to the Wall

Reverse Bench Dips x20
Box Jumps x20
8-Point Man-Makers x10


Mentioned to the PAX two pieces of inspiration:

1) Stumbled across an old photo of our man Franzia in the 1983 West Millbrook Middle School yearbook–president of the Weight Lifters Club. He saw the light on this fitness thing long before most of us, clearly. And he was a handsome cuss.

Still is!

2) Proverbs 15.22 – “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed.”
Seek help when you need it, men! From the Lord and from wise folks in your life. You weren’t meant to struggle through it all alone.

That is all. Tuck, out.