YHC had to make a special request to the site Q to get clearance as the Q slot was already taken a few weeks ago when the wheels started spinning for a week of Q’s for YHC’s birthday tour. After setting the first two in place, life happened and the tour ended up with only two stops.  Either way YHC would make the best of what he had, and NH would be the signature day and place!  A few men made special arrangements to be there to not only celebrate but to bring refreshments as well, more about that later.  Well in traditional fashion, YHC was cutting it close on time, and as the new blue stallion came screeching in on two wheels, (the only way to hear YHC coming now that the diesel is no longer in the fleet), the PAX came running past, as if they were going to get started without YHC.  No such luck, just in time, YHC joined the PAX at the far end of the lot to get things started.

The Thang:

Warm-ups; GM’s x 15, IW’s x 15, PJ’s x 20, SNFAC’s b/w x 15, warm!

Head to the ball field for the first round of work.  Split into two groups, each group would jog down their respective base lines to the outfield fence, make their way to center field, and find a partner for 10 high five merkins, then continue around and find their way back home.  We found our way around several times with several different partner exercises in the middle, regrouping on the backstop each time with either peoples chair or BTW, usually with a pax count through.  We also did some alternating burpee runs down either outfield line.

Move on to picnic shelter for a few rounds of erkins, L/R step-ups, and derkins.

From there out to the back parking lot, where PAX would again divide into two groups and make our way around the island stopping on the back side for more group work.

Finally on the front side of that lot we gathered for the final COP, LBC pyramid to 30 and back, done!

COT: With no prepared words, YHC abided a nudging from the H.S. as a result of some of the mornings mumble chatter, to encourage the PAX to be considerate of others viewpoints, especially during this tension filled political season.  And as always YHC encouraged this behavior in light of the God we serve and His unbiased love for us. Elsinore took us out with grace to the Lord of all!

The Skin:  The work was tough this morning and the air was thick, sweat was plentiful.  YHC’s party favor was not going down Sisyphus.  It was great to spend my birthday with my brothers, as the years click by it’s been almost 12 years since I last celebrated one with my hospital brother.  F3 has meant a lot to me especially in the “fellowship” category.  Like I was with my real brother, I sometimes speak without taking into consideration the full ramification of what I’m saying, and this possibly was the case in COT this morning.  YHC was interrupted during his COT words to be reminded that not everyone in the gloom each morning believes in God, that in fact some are seeking to serve no higher power.  What a great reminder that the last F does not mean the same to all PAX.  Taking it in stride YHC challenged all PAX to take the same fervency with which they disbelieve, and study the Bible for 6 months.  To challenge that unbelief with the same standard you challenge my belief, and an open mind, and see if God may open your mind to something new.  If not you’ve spent 6 months studying the best seller in the world, and have gained some great knowledge of middle eastern history.  After all was said and done, and we had made our way back to the front of the park to our cars, Peach Pit got out a fresh batch of HoHo cup cakes, inserted candles, and the entire PAX proceeded to sing YHC Happy Birthday, YHC gave thanks to all and proceeded to throw the sweet treats into the woods, possum’s got to eat too!  It truly is a blessing to have men in my life I can again call brother, men I can depend on.  Don’t mistake the dependence YHC is talking about, there are some situations that only our Heavenly Father will be there with you for.  But to have an ear to bend, a shoulder to grasp, and someone who is truly concerned with how you are doing, is a blessing from God.  YHC and some of those brothers were able to yet again go to the throne of grace before we parted for the morning, to ask for continued wisdom on how to lead with humility, to witness with grace, and challenge with love, just as the example He has set for us. Thanks to all the PAX that continue to walk with me.  As always I’m  humbled to lead such a fine group of men.

CW Out!