Hit em low and hit em high.


Mosey around the lake with lunge walk across bridges

Warmup COP (SSH 25x – IW 20x – Good Morning 10x – Mountain Climber 20x – Windmill 10x – Merkins 10x)

Mosey up to Gazebo with plenty of walking lunges on the way

11’s in the gazebo (Jump Ups OYO and Prisoner Squats 4x Cadence)

Mosey back around to stairs by the carousel with lunge walks on the way

Bunny Hop up steps

Mosey to base of Half Pipe for GANDY SET:

Tickle Fights x 10

Cuddle Bugs x 15

Belly Pat Head Rubs x 20

LBCs x 25 (power set)

EDIT (Apparently YHC misremembered what Gandy did – here’s his version of events):

Half Pipe Work:
-Line up abreast at the bottom of the half pipe
-std merkins IC x11
-all you got up the hill to tennis court fence
-mosey back down
-wide-arm merkins IC x11
-AYG up hill; mosey back
-mtn climbers IC x17
-backwards run up hill; mosey back
-diamonds IC x8
-bear crawl up hill; mosey back
-LBCs x26
-AYG up hill

Tennis Court Work:
-partner up (size and speed always matter)
-wheelbarrow width of all courts, with 5 decline merkins at every side line (25 total); flapjack
-burpee suicide along width of all courts
-10 burpees OYO
-partner carry width of all courts, with 5 squats at every side line (25 total); flapjack
-burpee suicide
-10 burpees OYO
-burpee suicide

6MOM with Chong – Alternating oblique crunch 30x & American Hammers 30x


Strong work by all – Welcome to many from CLT

Bowling on 12/4 at the Alley