The first rule of fight club is nobody talks about fight club…oops. 8 pax entered the gloom inside the octagon where we philosophically discussed the age old question of who “she” is and what did “she” actually say? Then after an episode of rocky and bull winkle and some rocks to the rocks, we had a gauntlet relay where in true mutiny fashion, Howard picked up the Q for the QIC’s shortcomings in forethought, or is that foreskin?

Dynamic Warmpup: run/ quick feet/ bear crawl/ the dip/ SSH/ Imperial Walkers/ Fazio Arm Circles/ Good Mornings

Fight Club in the Octagon: 5 2 minute rounds of boxer shuffle and punch squat kick combos #flylikeabutterfly #falllikeatree

This was followed up by 2 rounds of upper body rockorama including 5 second eccentric pushups #itsonly5pushups, scuba steve’s, rock curl, rock tricep extension, shoulder boulder raises, rocks to the rocks kettle bell swings

The Gauntlet relay: pax split in two teams, inchworm and frog leap 5 times to rock, 5 squat to overhead rock extensions, 5 rock burpees, 10 ukraninan rock hammers, bear crawl back. While waiting, mutiny q’s dish out the mary pain.

COT: christmas party the 13th, and convergence christmas party the 22nd.