4 F3 Churham Pax showed up for this gathering at the Thin Blue Line. A few of the missing members were preparing for that night’s GoRUC, some of them are in various states of graduation. The imminent GORUCK didn’t stop Riggs from attending (or possibly a little schedule confusion) and I couldn’t go easy on my first Q. Beatdown started at 7AM sharp.



20X Jump Lunges, Merkins, Windmills


Jog to the playground for:

20 mountain climbers

10 knee-up merkins

20 Russian Hammers

10 Pull-ups

Indian Run back to the field


Bear Crawls the short way across, then Sprint back

15 Perfect Burpees (Purpees?), then 20 air squats

Pyramid Merkins from 10 down

Then we moved to the end line to stack to combine imperial walkers, sprints and dragon walks. The Pax shared the turf with a possible FNG and his 2 young boys playing soccer. He was given a welcoming invite to the convergence.

Imperial walkers to the 6 yd line, Sprint to the 18 yd line, Dragon walk to half field

Spring to the 18, dragon walk to the 6, imperial walkers to the end line

Dragon walk to the 6, imperial walkers to the 18, sprint to half field


Pyramid merkins again with varying wide and narrow base with Freddy Mercury. So 10 Merkins, 10 Freddy, 9 Merkins, 10 Freddy, 8 Merkins, 19 Freddy, etc…

Circle up one last time to visit Proud Mary with:

20 Russian Hammers

Low slow flutter

20 Freddy Mercury

6” leg raise

Negative crunches

Beatdown closed out at 8AM sharp


– Strong first Q by Chester
– Riggs has trouble telling time
– Resurgence 5/10 0700…tell your friends