The VSF was planted in the front yard of Dufresne’s house as YHC pulled behind the first of the PAX to arrive.  Then the cars just kept coming.  Enough so that you might be convinced someone was getting an early start to Cinco de Mayo.  You would be wrong.  It was Hopebuilder pre GORUCK Challenge, pre Cinco de Mayo.

The PAX filed into the house, greeting Dufresne’s mom and made our way upstairs.  We lead of with nameorama since it was such a large group and so Dufresne would know who all was in the room because we filled it up.  At one point MDufresne popped in to remark how many guys were in attendance and how hot it was.  The members of GRC 1014 were thinking, “We don’t mind warm.”  She also said Pack Man had something he wanted to show us.  That sure peaked our interest.  A little later, in marches Pack Man with an armful of swag.  Alabama footballs, signed cleats, autographed pictures.  You could tell he was proud and Roll Tide was coursing through his veins.

Swagfest Courtesy of Pack Man
There was plenty of amusing banter among the PAX, mostly at Au Pair and Chong Li’s expense.  We shared some laughs, we did what guys do.  We talked sports, movies, and channeled it back to Dufresne.

We gathered around Dufresne’s bed for BOM and Cinderella led us out with a strong prayer.


  • T-Claps to the PAX for turning out in force.  YHC could tell this meant so much to MDufresne.
  • Swagfest may be the title of the backblast due to YHC’s limited synapses after GRC1014, but it isn’t about the “stuff.”  It’s about men finding a way to connect with a son who’s dad is suffering.  It’s about connecting in a way men do. It’s about creating a bond and finding a way to serve others.  It’s what F3 is all about.
  • MTony Robbins visited with Dufresne on Cinco de Mayo and let Dufresne know YHC has stories to tell Dufresne about GRC1014.  A grocery cart and a huge pine log. More to come.

Join us for a visit.  It makes a difference.

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