A few well known sports celebrities appeared in the gloom of Jaycee Park on Cinco de Mayo. Well, at least the exercises named in their honor did. A post-ruck contingent of six took the tour of the park this morning and made a solid showing.

The Thang:

Warm-up of SSH x 25, Mountain climbers x 20, Good mornings x 15, Sir Nigel Fazio arm circles x 8 each way, and Windmills x 15.

Usain Bolts in the front parking lot were the first order of business. Each member of the Pax had two shots at making the length-of-the-lot sprint while the remainder did an exercise of his choosing. Among the more popular selections were burpees, diamond Merkins, star jumps, Spider-man Merkins, and alternating lunges.

The next order of business was a trip to the Pit. CLT refugee Level 10 commented as we approached that the sand could make for a challenge. I hope so. Split into two groups. The first time through one group did People’s Chair while the other went the length of the Pit by way of bear crawl and crab walk. Second round was a sprint around the courts while the other group did BTTW. one more round seemed in order, so another sprint was mixed with the People’s Chair.

From there it was to the baseball field stands where one group did LeBrons up the stairs while the other did AMRAP Irkins, then Derkins, then dips. Twice through here, since those stairs are mighty short.

Last, we ventured to the softball field for extended Mary. Exercises included Ukrainian Hammers, WWII sit ups, six inch leg hold for a ten count around the circle, protractor fun, Freddie Mercuries, Nipplers x 20, and a few more.


2d F this Thursday at 5:30 at Crafty Beer at Five Points.

Komen Race for the Cure on June 14 at 7:00 a.m. at Meredith College.

Prayers for Dufresne and his family.

Strong Closing prayer by Life Alert.