Screw in a lightbulb, I mean change a flat tire?  More on that later.

Six Pax arrived at Pullen to make the quick uphill run (only course in F3 Raleigh land to be uphill in both directions)  to THP where Teddy was waiting for us.  One planned FNG bowed out at the last minute so we stick to the plan to be persistent in our presence, knowing more clients will eventually step into The Arena.

Warmups:  SSH x20, Imperial Walkers x20, Sir Fazios x20, Mtn Climbers x20

Jog to interior courtyard for:  Stumps x20, Slow Standard Merkins x10, Balls to the Wall 5 count around the horn.  Mumble chatter already starts.

Run back to parking lot, grab a friendly rock.  Rock squats x20.  Run with rock to field just off campus for 3 sets as follows:

1 – run with rock above head halfway, pause for curls x10, press x10, tri press x10, run rest of way with rock above head.  Curls x8, press x8, tri press x8, run back to start holding rock.

2 – Merkin Crawls – 2 merkins, 10 bear crawls (each hand forward is 1), 2 merkins, 10 bear crawls, etc. for length of field.  Jog back to start.

3 – Balls to the Walkman down and back, with partner switch halfway each length.

Run back to interior courtyard, dropping friendly rocks along the way, for some Mary:  LBC x20, American Hammers x20, Low Slow Flutter Kicks x20.


Continued prayers for Dufresne and for the clients of THP in their journey through the program and for the courage to step into The Arena.  We continue to need some new Q’s to sign up for future Arena workouts – sign up on the google doc (link under Announcements and on Schedule page).

Now to answer the question posed at the start.  As we arrive back to Pullen parking lot a damsel in distress calls out asking for help with a flat tire.  Who needs AAA when you have 5 strapping Raleigh Pax (who were initially mistaken to be men in blue) to answer the call for help?  Well she probably wished she had called AAA after we struggled for 45 minutes trying to figure out how to unlock the spare.  It must be mentioned here that our fellow Pullen brothers, just finishing COT nearby, stood and gawked at us for several minutes.  F3 is about helping your brothers when needed right??  Wrongo, as the Pullen crew just smiles and gets in their cars.  Nice.  At long last we get the job done (thanks in large part to Fiddler and Zima) and our efforts result in a Facebook / Twitter / Instagram shoutout for F3 by our damsel in distress.