We had 23 PAX / 2 FNGs start off in the gloom. Was a perfect morning to get after it with cool temps and good moonlight, and an even better morning for a maiden Q performance

The Thang:

Run down the greenway to park parking lot.

Circle up for warm-ups of SSH, Good mornings, Windmills, Imperial Walkers, and Mountain Climbers (20 reps each).

Run to basketball court and partner up. Partner 1 runs to far baseline and back while partner 2 does merkins. Flapjack until team reaches 100 and plank when you’re done. Followed that same drill with 100 star jumps, 100 LBCs, and 50 burpees for fun.


Run to baseball field: Group 1 bear crawls bases while group 2 preachers chair. Flap jack. Group 1 gorillas around bases while Group 2 prisoner squats. Flap Jack., Group 1 lunge walks while group 2 high plank holds. Flap jack. Group 1 sprints to outfield fence while group 2 balls to the wall. Flap jack.


Run to basketball court. 30 LBCs

Run to greenway, stop half way and 30 american hammers with some planks thrown in.

Sprint to end, circle up and 5 count leg hold around the circle.

Welcome FNG’s Mili Vanili and Matlock

A perfect way to start the day!