The gloom is the valley of the shadow of death. It is the enemy. It is darkness and quiet, loneliness and cold. It is all that we fear.

Until the PAX emerge.

And then, we pull gloves over hands, awaken sleeping muscles, clasp hands with the arriving PAX and grin with the nervous knowledge that it’s about to get unpleasant. But less so, because we aren’t alone in the gloom. It’s gloom shared.

And then, it does get unpleasant.


WARMUP – Classic Rock on the Diamond – Run the bases, stopping for: SSH / King David Kicks / Seal Jacks / Mtn Climbers / Imperial Walkers

Run to Upper Field 


  • Backward Run the sideline
  • Mericans x15 at corner
  • Sprint all out to center line
  • Nipplers x20 at center
  • Sprint to next corner
  • Mericans x15 at corner
  • Bear Crawl to half line / Crab Walk to end line
  • Mericans x15 at corner
  • Sprint all out to center line
  • Jump ups x20 at center
  • Sprint to next corner
  • Mericans x15 at corner

Run to Picnic Tables


  • Irkins x20 / Run to Pitchers Mound / Lunges x15
  • Dirkins x20 / Pitchers Mound / Squats x15
  • Pull-ups x10 oyo / Pitchers Mound / Lunges x15
  • Dips x20 / Pitchers Mound / Prisoner Squats x15
  • Pull-ups x25 oyo

Run to benches


  • Bench alternating stepups x20
  • Bench Box Jumps x20
  • Bench Donkey Kick Ups x20
  • Bench Plank stepups x20


  • Russian Hammers x30
  • Peter Parkers x20
  • Freddy Mercurys x20



The Mule

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Best Saturday of your year. Big PAX. Embracing the suck. Deepened brotherhood. Mumblechatter as only the men of F3Raleigh can deliver it. It’s a great, great morning. Make it happen.


Prayers requested for Grady’s mother-in-law/Superstar’s grandmother facing stage 4 cancer. Also for YHC and MTuck, navigating college prospects with the first-born 2.0. (May be missing another request.)

Another great morning with you men in the gloom. Gloom shared is gloom done right. There is no question, we were not created to walk this life alone.

To this end, YHC shared with the PAX these words of wisdom from Proverbs 15:22 – “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed.” We learn from this that other men have experience and wisdom we could use in big decisions and difficult challenges. So, don’t go it alone. Just like in the gloom, lean on other brothers for counsel and support.

Ebola prayed for us. Thanks men. Great morning.