-Authored by Mr. Rogers on behalf of Countrywide-

All of these C’s were in attendance & yet each offered its own degree of difficulty. The carousel was bigger & rounder than ever, the parking lot cop was furtive yet timid in the face of 12 hearty PAX, & Countrywide dug deep to blaze thru an impressive maiden Q. After a subtle disclaimer, our leader took off thru the drizzly gloom & we followed for a spirited jog around the lake. Layered clothing was peeled & cast aside along the way–it wasn’t that cold. Arrive at Pullen Park’s famous carousel for…


-SSH x 20

-Good Mornings x 20

-Imperial Walkers x 20

-Windmills x 20

-Sir Fazio arm circles x 8


Shimmy over to the stairs for Robert Plant. Run up & down. Repeato. Back up to the top of the stairs for…

– High Plank Hold for a 5 count round the horn.

-Jog to the covered pavilion/shelter of pain for…

-Dips x 15, Left/Right Step-Ups x 15, Dirkins x 10

-Dips x 10, Left/Right Step-Ups x 10, Dirkins x 10

Jog down the garden steps round the ring & return to the path. Lunge walk back to the steps & down to the carousel for…

3 Ring Wind-Up: split into 2 groups…

-1st group runs 3 laps round the carousel while 2nd group does prisoner squats: FLAPJACK

-1st group runs 2 laps round the carousel while 2nd group does a forgotten exercise: FLAPJACK

-1st group runs 1 lap round the carousel while 2nd group does People’s Chair: FLAPJACK

Reverse lap direction…

-1 lap while other group does Star Jumps: FLAPJACK

-2 laps while other group does Burpies: FLAPJACK

-3 laps while other group does High Plank Hold-Chilcutt-High Plank Hold: FLAPJACK

Another run round the lake (opposite direction), slowing for Lunge Walk across both bridges, & continue to the front park gate for…


LBC’s x 25

6″ Leg Hold for a 5-count round the horn


3rd F: Thursday, December 12th @ 12pm-1pm. 4600 Marriott Drive, Suite 150. Bring a lunch. Q’s are Orwell, Larry David, & Caddie.

F3 Christmas Party: Tyler’s Tap Room on Thursday, December 19th @ 7pm-9pm. RSVP & show up…in that order. M’s & significant others will be welcomed.  F3 Foundation donations too.

The Forge workout on Tuesdays at Pullen Park will move to 5:45am launch in January 2014.

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Countrywide beckoned us to remember those who are hurting & in need during the holidays. Present Christ by reaching out to those who are less fortunate, needing encouragement, & yearning for support.

Howard led us out in prayer. Powerfully.