Posted on behalf of Slide Rule (due to technical difficulties). 

16 Pax might be a record for Mutiny.  The Pax were promised #everyMuscle and lots of pullups by YHC.


“Peloton” jog around the track – similar to an indian run, with a steady stream from the back replacing the front.
18x Side Straddle Hop
10x Imperial Walker / 10x
10x Good Morning

The Thang:

Split into groups of 3.  1 guy starts with:

  • Mexican Jumping Bean Pullups (Squat, then Pullup),
    While other 2 do
  • Up Straddle Hops, 30x on a leg.
    Rotate right leg -> left leg -> pullup
  • Travolta Merkins.  20x “stayin alive” points followed by 10 elbows to ground and 10x “stayin alive”
    Repeat MU with 15x hops
    Repeat 10x T
  • Indian Burpee Run.  One guy from group starts with 5 burpees, other two start running.  Sprint to catch and tag next guy for burpees.  3 laps around soccer field
    Indian bear crawl.  In several plank lines, guy in rear bear crawls to front.  Cross soccer field
  • Not so Lazy Boy.  Each Pax lists favorite movie and why.  Switch middle / left / right for each pax
    Repeat Indian bear crawl across field
    Recover on the “bro” WWII — toe to toe, give partner a high five at top of each WWII
  • Yul Brynner.  2 Pax from each group do a Yul Brynner (7 different types of pushups).  3rd Pax does a 90 degree pullup hang.
    Rotate through 3x (6x Yul Brynners, 3x hangs)

Bonus Round! (Midget wasn’t tired, and we hadn’t hit Triceps yet!)
2 Pax from each group did 20x Triceps Dips while the 3rd did AMRAP pullups.

At the request of COBOL, Plank-O-Rama.

Prayers for Buford’s imminent 3rd child.  Prayers to be aware of those around us who need our love and assistance.