20 PAX showed up at the Vortex on on of the coolest mornings in quite a while, in fact there were way too many toboggans and cold weather gear in the mix, which may be the reason I can’t remember the 20th PAX.  It was YHC’s 2nd F3 anniversary and the goal was to give ‘a little’ back to those in attendance.

Warm up: 2 laps, 50 overhead claps, 25 SSH, WMH, windmills, semi-slow count merkins to failure (Assisi left us all in the dust by pumping out 90! Strong work) and lastly 20 burpees OYO.

The PAX broke into 2 groups of ten.  One group headed to the pain ground to complete a mini Murph (50 pull-ups, 100 merkins, 150 air squats).  The second group stayed on the field doing repeat 400 meter runs sprinting the long sides of the field and jogging the short sides.  I think most of the PAX completed at least 6 laps while a few of the speedsters may have lapped the field and got 7 in.  The groups then switched locations and completed the other exercises.

The group next paired up along the soccer field sideline for a modified wheelbarrow with Derkins mixed in.  Each PAX wheelbarrows approximately 15 yds, performed 5 derkins, wheelbarrowed 15 yds, 5 derkins, wheelbarrow 15 yds, 5 derkins.  Switch partners and repeated to wheelbarrow/Derkin theme.

Apple Pickers Peter Parkers Parker Peters Peter Parker Peters No time for flutter


It is an honor to be a part of this group and have made many great friends over the past 2 years. Grateful for F3, the men and everything it stands for!

– Bushwood