YHC is excited for the possibilities of #GettintheRuns and #GettintheRucks and getting guys of any pace, speed involved in an F3. Labrat had the Q for the Ruck group so unfortunately I could not get revenge on Jailbreak.  YHC wanted to focus on keeping the PAX close today and getting some additional core and hip strengthening today. Mumble Chatter started early and talks of a Burpee Bet were born in the gloom for the upcoming UNC vs wolf puppy game. Lets get this party started.

The Thang:
SSH in cadence x20, Carioca Right and Left to loosen the hips up 40 yards each, High Knees and butt kickers 40 yards each.
With no sign of blood sport swerving in we hit the road.

Indian Run to Lake Benson passing the Ruck Group on the way.

DORA 1-2-3
YHC and Ziploc teamed up against Bubblewrap and Pickin N Grinnin
One Partner doing exercise and counting and another to the 1st light pole 100 yards and back.
100 Lunges (only count Left leg)
200 Mountain Climbers (only count Left leg)
300 (100 WWI, 100 Fredy Mercury, 100 LBC’s)

Plankarama with YHC in charge: Regular, R arm up, R arm and leg, Regular, L arm up, L leg and arm up, regular, regular with R leg up, regular with L leg up.  Great for runners or ruckers who want to stabilize the core in all directions in a quick 3 minutes. Keep the spine straight and focus on form throughout.

PAX Run back to Flag with Jailbreak for last 100 yards, Tar Heels came out on top today boys.

Burpee Weekend Warm up Training next, from the road 3/4 speed to Dumpster (80 yards) 10 Burpees and sprint back up the hill to Aversboro Rd.
10 count recovery and repeat 3 times.  Great job by the PAX today and pushed each other hard today!

Total 3.1 miles by the PAX total.

COT: Labrat continue to pray for job situation, Village, Prayers for Stretch’s M’s Grandma having radiation.

Announcements: MARCH 6th F3 CLAYTON LAUNCH!  AO: “The Station!” Site Q: Pickin N Grinnin Site: Clayton Community Park.  Let’s spread the word on this awesome opportunity to spread into Johnson County for the first time!

F3 Benson will be starting in May 2018 once YHC moves to Benson! F3JOCO!

Run Ranger Run is starting Febuary, Kick off run this Saturday 9 AM at Shelley lake.

Great work by all, Dear Sweet Baby Jesus please let UNC win! Post the video evidence at your next AO post dear State Fans.