Time to start working off that Christmas eggnog and no better way to do so than a workout at the Nutcracker with some cinder blocks and a trailer.  Yes, I said a trailer.

WarmUp:  Slow lap around the front parking lot over to the side of the school for SSH x30, Fazio Arm Circles x10 forward x10 backwards, Mountain Climber X30, and Windmill x10.

The PAX partnered up and off we went to grab the cinder blocks in the woods behind the track.  Once each partner grouping had a cinder block, we headed to the long straightaway on the other side of the school next to the basketball hoops where the open bed trailer awaited.  Facing the front of the school, partner 1 did burpee block jumps (standard burpee while holding the cinder block and broad jumping forward with the cinder block above head).  Partner 2 ran to the end of the straightaway and back to partner 1 to switch places.  To mix things up, 2 sets of partners did a partner trailer pull.  This consisted of 1 set of partners pulling the trailer while the other set of partners did a plank hold in the bed of the trailer.  At the end of the straightaway, the partners switched and pulled the trailer back to the starting point.  Each set of partners did 2 trailer pulls.

Mary:  No time left

Announcements:  Stark’s 1 year anniversary tomorrow so be sure to come out

Prayer Requests:  Continued thoughts for Banana Seat as he starts his journey back to F3 with some light training