F3 SouthWake continues to grow and new leaders are busting through every week. YHC had the privilege of running with a 6 man team from ENC this year in the BRR.  Next year we need to have some more South Wake guys represent in either 6, 9, or even 10-12 man teams. The more PAX on the team the less running you have to do.  It has always been a rewarding and new experience each time. YHC was ready to get back to the PAX and start training for next year!  I put the challenge out for the PAX to wear Red for Corn Cob a F3 brother from ENC and previous co worker that just lost his mother to Cancer.  His mom was an amazing leader, avid Cross fit group member and new grandma.  For those of you that were able to participate in the #CornCobLove he was very touched by it and his family were very excited to share with their extended family. Amazing show of support for an F3 brother going through some tough times guys!

EC: White Deer Park Run, Aversboro for 2.5 miles total


Warm up: In cadence-Squats x20, High knees, Up/downs 2 rounds led by the PAX in clockwise order

Indian Run to White Deer Park for some parking lot Eleven’s: Use of the lights more needed the more into fall we get.

Elevens: Squat Jumps 1 – run 50 yards – Mountain Climbers (BRR reference) x10 only counting the right leg….and continue until count is Squat Jumps 10- MC-1.

Catch Me if you can: Partner up and chase the slower jogger in front after 5 lunges total.  From White Deer to Aversboro to the YMCA.

Scout Run back to Flags with PAX staying tight for some mubble chatter.

Total distance of 4.1 miles, most for #GettinTheRuns yet.

BOM: Prayers for friend Ben dealing with addiction issues, Labrat possible move in future, prayers for family and illness of friends.

Annoucements: Oddysey coming soon, get signed up and represent South Wake at the Cary/Apex CSAUP event.