A calm morning at Jaycee Park.  The Pax showed up ready to go, we kept the chatter to a minimum and got started right on time.  Circle up for the World’s Greatest Stretch (WGS), sir Fazio arm circles, squats, frog jumps and others.  Done and done.  Open up the trunk for funbags.  partner up and grab a bag.  We head to the sand volleyball pit.


The Thang:

This is where the pax stayed.  In the sand to up the difficulty and wear out the muscles.  Kick ass work by all.

Partner takes off to the far end. (Three courts long+), while P2 shoulder carries the funbag.  P1 tags far end and runs back to meet P1. Grab the bag and runners switch to the fence and back.  5 laps – there and back = 1.

Time to get sandy – flutter kicks x 20.  Lbc x 20.  Horsehair slipped in a comment about not having the front of the shirt sandy.  nice call HH.  Flip over for LPH – 3 count down the line, then 10 x hand release merkins.

Next round – P1 takes off to far end and back, while P2 lunge carries the funbag.  Meet up and switch.  3 full lengths.  flutter kicks x 20 again.  American Hammer x 20.  squat jumps x 10, frog hops x 10.

Next round – P1 takes off while P2 does broad jump with FB.  This was brutal so one full length was enough.  Once we were all back.  There was time once more.

Last round – one of each of the previous rounds:  1 length of partner sprints with FB, 1 length of partners lunches with FB and final leg was 1 length of partner broad jump with FB.

wrap it up and back down to the parking lot.  Quick LBC pyramid and done.

Excellent morning for all.  Socks and shoes were full by the end, but no one complained.

Getty brought prayers for a man recently injured.  Horsehair takes it home with words of prayer.

YHC out…