19 PAX at Rameses ready to get on the MARTA train:


Mosey to upper lot
SSH x 31 for XXXI Olympiad
Tom Quixotes x 31
Imperial Squatters x 20
Merkins x 10
Mountain climbers x 31
Arm circles x 10, reverse x 10
Mosey back down

The Thang:

25 min Circle of death – 30sec AMRAP, 10sec transition, 1min recovery every 5 sets. Exercises included:

Air squats
Jump lunges
Overhead squats 20# bar
Side skaters
Suzanne Somers
50# Goblet squats
45# squat thrusters
35# KB swings

Finish with walking lunge up THWM

Mercifully, no time for Mary.