The call went out to jump in and Q – I was supposed to be heading to the beach with my M, but childcare fell through, so I took it. Not much time to come up with something new, so I asked Pygmy if I could borrow his “blender” workout. He obliged, so the 12 seasoned PAX that waded into the gloom were treated to . . .

Warm Up
SSH x25
GM x10
IW x25
Mountain Climbers x20 IC
10 burpees OYO

Indian Run to corner of Edwards Mill and Glen Eden, stop for 10 burps OYO, continue to bottom of Glen Eden, stop for 10 burpees OYO, finish Indian Run at soccer field.

The Thang

The Blender (created by Pygmy): Four Cones spread into a rectangle in the soccer field. Short sides about 30 yds long, long sides 60ish. PAX split into groups of 4. 1s and 2s start at cone 1, 3s and 4s at cone 3. 1s and 3s bear crawl the short length of the rectangle then run the long length, ending up at the opposite cone. 2s and 4s perform exercises until “relieved” by 1s and 3s. Then 1s and 3s perform exercises while others bear crawl/run. Therefore half the PAX were always bear crawling/running the perimeter while the others performed exercised. If seen from above it should look like the contents of a blender.

When YHC called Pulse  – everyone runs to the center of the rectangle, performs 10 burpees OYO

Cone 1 – Plank Jacks – Cone 3 – Merkins bear crawls b/n short cones (3 rounds)
Cone 1 – Ski Abs – Cone 3 – Star Jumps – broad jump b/n short cones (3 rounds)
Cone 1 – Sumo Squats – Cone 3 – Carolina Dry Docks – lunge walk b/n short cones (3 rounds)
one final round – burpees at both Cone 1 and 3 – sprint between all cones (1 round)

Catch breath, collect cones, mosey to Basketball court for…

LBC x 30
Dying Cockroaches x 10
Homer to Marge x  10 (had to cut that one short, see below)
Planks (arms/legs high, low plank hold)
American hammer x 25
finish off with 10 burps OYO

Need Qs – sign up!
Good to see 8 mile at DP again

The 15 year old daughter of a college buddy of Larry David suddenly died.
Life is weighing heavily on YHC’s brother and sister in-law – need prayers for them.
Mayhem hurt is leg Monday at NH – prayers that he takes his ass to see a doctor 😉
Dingo took us out strong.

An elderly couple was was walking on the basketball courts when YHC called for Homer to Marge. After PAX pointed out the elderly couple might not appreciate seeing 13 men performing that exercise, YHC cut it short.
I’m still reeling from LD’s prayer request – COT was very quiet after hearing that. As Dingo said in his prayer, we never know what’s around the corner – let’s make sure to live life to it’s fullest, and to be a positive example in a world in need of positive examples.
Always humbling and energizing to lead – thanks for the encouragement.