16 Pax gathered in the humid gloom at the heart of Bradford’s Ordinary this morning to Carpex Diem.

Jogged to the bank (and maneuvered through construction debris) for warmups:

SSH, GM, Sir Fazio Arm Circles, Windmills, Hillbillies, and Mountain Climbers.

Jog to the “hill”/inclined service road for Part 1 of the Thang inspired by Pillsbury in Ashe Vegas.

At the bottom of the “hill” – 10 squats, Bear Crawl to 1/2 way, 10 Merkins, Jog to top, 10 “Mountain” Burpees (includes a slalom after the merkin; probably have a better name, but I learned them in Asheville, so that’s what I’m calling them), Jog back down.

Repeato with 8, 6, 4, 2 – All while dodging the Town of Cary’s Cheddar Bo Army on their way to their appointed parking lots.

Jog to the garden behind the Page-Walker House to enjoy the smells of the flora (or as Callahan pointed out, a fish market). 10 Minute AMRAP circuit of 10X Australian pull ups, Dips, Box Jumps (jog back around and repeato).

Circle Merk (if not called that, it should be). Hold plank in a circle, start with 1 Merkin (each completing around the circle) up to 5.

Jog back to the church, OYO LBCs until the entire Pax arrives. End with COT.

Grease Monkey prayed us out. Prayers for Chinese Downhill and his family, Ma Bell and the ASP team.