Nine brave PAX were rewarded for showing up in wet 35 degree weather with a mind-numbingly boring workout.

After a warm up remarkable only for the outrageous number of side shuffle hops we did, we settled into a grind: merkins (x12), then run to corner of field; Carolina dry docks (x10), then run to corner of field; close-grip merkins (x10), then run to corner of field; Peter Parkers (x10), then run to start.  PAX planked when they finished each exercise, and we ran to the next stop only when all were in position.  We did this with no rest for nine glorious rotations (or was it ten?  TI led a fascinating discussion about the nature of infinity…).

To break up the monotony, groups of three took a “field trip” to the pull-up bar, where they rotated through two sets of pull-ups (x10), dips (x20), and squats (x?).  There was enough chatter that the Q worried he wasn’t pushing folks hard enough, and we snuck in a long sprint, with karaoke return.

The Q no longer worried that he wasn’t pushing folks hard enough after the final exercise, a Lo Pair Crawl across the width of the field and crabwalk back.  There were casualties.

Short Mary, then update from Dunphy about 2nd F activity on December 18.  Don’t miss a Backdraft Q next week, on December 16!  Fantastic that a down week for Vortex now includes nine guys; terrific momentum.