After 17 weeks since my virgin F3 post at The Crucible (with thanks to Wilson) YHC finally stepped up to Q (with thanks to Man Ram getting in my face).  It was time to give back.  Nine Pax joined me on a cold, breezy morning to start the week off right.  After introductions and giving no disclaimer as there were no new men, we began.

The Thang:

Side Straddle Hops x 25

Good Mornings x 25

Imperial Walkers x 25

Mountain Climbers x 25

Half-mile Indian Run down Valley Estates Drive to Rangecrest Road

Divide into two groups of 5, group 1 runs to crest of Rangecrest Road while group 2 enjoys burpees AMRAP, flapjack

Rinse/repeat with monkey humpers AMRAP

Rinse/repeat with merkins AMRAP

Rinse/repeat with prisoner squats AMRAP

Half-mile Indian Run back to Williams Park Picnic Shelter

Dips x 25

Alternating left/right step ups x 25

Prisoner squats x 25

Rinse/repeat w/monkey humpers x 15

Rinse/repeat x 10

Mosey to parking lot for Mary

Low Back Crunces x 25

Rosalita x 25

Freddie Mercuries x 25

Burpees x 10

Circle Up


Announcements:  The Forum at noon at Sola, Christmas party on 12/22/14

Prayer Concerns/Ball of Man

Thanks to Wilson for introduction to F3.  It has begun changing my life – the fitness, the fellowship, and the faith – what a combination.  It was an honor to Q this morning.  Thanks!