Raising A Modern Day KnightJoin your F3 brothers for a book study of “Raising A Modern-Day Knight“, by Robert Lewis!

This group meets on Thursday’s at 07:00, at 1720 Hillsborough Street Suite 200 (Baby Farley’s office). We will meet for 6 weeks skipping July 5th and finishing on August 2nd. Each meeting will last roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Lewis wrote this book to help fathers initiate their sons into manhood. As fathers in a world that is seeking our sons to conform to it, we want to know they are competent, have strong character, and integrity to do what is right. This series is designed for fathers to go through this process together and to build community around raising our sons to be noble, to be the Knights God calls them to be.

  • Here is some more information on the study: http://www.rmdk.com/about-rmdk
  • You can order the book online, here: http://a.co/dmNFzNR