(posted on behalf of Shooter)

Seven PAX gathered at the east end of Fetzer Field on the UNC campus early Monday at 0545 for a serious beatdown. Just a stone’s throw away at Navy Field, the Tar Heel football team was lollygagging around for its leisurely 0600 commencement of its annual Blue Dawn winter training ritual. The message boards were deep into discussion as the day wore on as to who worked harder the next hour, the PAX of F3 or the Tar Heels.

The Warm-Up: SSH, Good Morning, Windmills, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Mtn. Climbers.

Mosey to soccer stadium bleachers, run up seven aisles of steps, down seven aisles.

Five double-secret burpees (each rep included two merkins, two Peter Parkers, two jumps coming out).

Repeat running stadium steps back to other end.

Mosey to track. Sprint straight-away on track.

Circle up for Merkin Pyramid (1-2-3 etc. up to 10, then back down).

Walking lunge around backside of track to next corner.

Circle up for Mtn. Climbers, Makhtar Ndiayes and Plank Jacks (10 of each).

Sprint straightaway.

Circle up for Carolina Dry Docks (12). Five more Double-Secret Burpees since the Q forgot them at the end of the second round of stadium steps.

Bear crawl/crab walk across width of soccer field. 15 WWII situps.

Sprint straightaway.

Circle up for Diamond Merkins (10).

Walking lunge across soccer field.

Circle up for Mtn. Climbers (10).

Sprint straightaway, circle up for Mary.

Dealer’s choice, seven sets of flutters, cross LBC, Rosalitas, LBC, Russian Hammers, Side Planks, Freddie Mercurys.