Several tweets were sent out in search for a Q for the The Farm earlier in the week and after some radio silence YHC volunteered.  After a six week hiatus what better way to jump back in than to lead the beatdown.  The motivation to work hard is just what YHC needed.

After some short EC work and staging the AO, 9 faithful PAX circled up at the flag (YHC admires the new shovel flags- #tclaps) and we begin:


SSHx20 – IC

Sungods (side)- 10x Forward/10x reverse (arms forward) 10x/reverse 10x, arms up (chinook) 10x/reverse direction 10x – IC

Mountain Climbers – 20x – IC

Groiners – 10x with groaning

Parker Peters – 20x – IC

The Thang:

Mosey to the elementary school Indian style, some good chatter a long the way.  The PAX partnered up and one fresh CMU block was issued per team.  Moving down the AO where four traffic cones were previously staged approximately 25 yards apart, the mumblechatter took a decisive new tone.

Partner 1 – Lunge walk with CMU performing overhead press to the opposite side.  Perform 1x block swing (kettle bell style), snapshot back by chunking the block forward and then leap forward to the block.  Continue forward back to the starting line.

Partner 2 – Run the outside perimeter, perform 5 burpees at cone 2 and 3.


At each set, the block swing is incremented by 1x.

Recover after 5 sets and moving to:

Partner 1: Colt 45 curls with blocks; Partner 2: Prisoner squats – flapjack

Partner 1: Chest press with blocks 20x; Partner 2: Merkins – flapjack

Partner 1: Upright rows with block (elbows out and up) 20x; P2: Diamond merkins – flapjack

P1: Mary with blocks – hold block overhead, raise legs up and bring the block up and press up into a crunch 20x; P2: LBC

Recover and return blocks to YHC truck.  Recover on the run back to the flag, we chose left at the fork in the road this time.

Back at the flag with a few minutes remaining we threw in a quick hands of time for some more MOM.



Announcements were made and Casey Kasem took us out in prayer.