It looks like spring weather is here to stay.  A Pax of 12 came out of hibernation to do work, including 3 visitors on tour to complete all AOs in RDU.  New faces and good weather brought some excitement to South Wake this Monday.  Here is what went down:

Warm Up

  • 1 Lap around track, followed by sprints and karaoke x 4 on upper field
  • Backward run on road hill x 5, return to parking lot
  • Seal Jack x 30 IC
  • Mountain Climber x 30 IC
  • Side Straddle Hop x 30 IC
  • Air Squared x 20 IC

The Thang

  • Wave of Merkins 1 to 10 (Total 55 Merkins with a lot of plank holding)
  • Burpee Block Chase – Partner Up (speed matters), 1 man does 7 burpees while the other runs around track carrying concrete block.  Catch the block bandit, then switch.  Carry on for 4 laps.


  • 20 WWI situps OYO
  • Hello Dolly x 15 (Thanks Term Paper)
  • American Hammer x 15 (Thanks Moline)
  • Freddie Mercury x 25 (Thanks Franklin)
  • Plank-o-Rama 10 Count

Moleskin: Thanks to Stark and Deadbolt for putting on a fantastic F2 event Friday night – poker and awesome BBQ.  Hopefully we can make this happen again.  Spread the word about the Crawl; thanks to visitors for joining us.  Prayer requests for Stark and Brony’s neighbors.  Overall, great workout and very positive morning!