A quick Google search of my F3 name yielded this result from our friends at the Encyclopedia Britannica: Pygmy, in anthropology, member of any human group whose adult males grow to less than 59 inches (150 cm) in average height. 59 inches. 4’11”. 4 11. Today was the day to pay tribute to my Pygmy brothers. All exercises will be done in groups of 4 with 11 reps, with of course, 4 11s thrown in for good measure.

12 PAX, no FNGs, short disclaimer and we circled up by the shovel flag for:

Side Straddle Hop x11 IC
Good Morning x11 IC
Imperial Walker x11 IC
Mountain Climbers x11 IC
Hold the plank position for 4 11 counts (2 regular, 2 low plank hold)

The Thang
Run to the soccer field and find the cones for 4 11s with 25 yard run in between
LBC/Burpees – Plank when done
Merkins/Prisoner Squats – Squat Hold when done
Diamond Merkins/Jump Squats – Squat Hold when done
Dying Cockroach/Star Jumps (Bear crawl the return leg on the last 3 trips)

Run to the Rock Pile
Rock Curls x11 IC
Tricep Extensions x11 IC
Bent over Rows x11 IC
Overhead Press x11 IC

Run to the Picnic Shelter
Alternating Left Right Step Up x11 IC
Irkins x11 IC
Derkins x11 IC
Dips x11 IC
Repeat all 4 x11 with Irkins, Derkins & Dips on the down count
YHC was getting tired at this point and continually changed cadence on the 10 count and had to add one more. Thanks for your patience.

Indian run around the parking lot back to the shovel flag for:

Homer to Marge x11 IC
Freddie Mercury x11 IC
Box Cutters x11 IC
American Hammer x11 IC
With a couple of minutes left we had time to quickly cycle back through all 4 exercises.

Announcements: F3 event at Healing Transitions on May 17th. $20 cost with all proceeds going to Healing Transitions. Additional donations welcome and encouraged. Come out and support these men turning their lives around. Whether or not this is a cause that speaks to you, supporting F3 and gaining momentum for third F events will make us stronger and allow us to do more good in our community.

Forum today and all Mondays at Panera on Six Forks and Forum Drive in North Raleigh. Great conversation and currently studying the book of James.

No prayer requests spoken, but surely many in our hearts.

CDC was a welcome face back in the gloom after (while) battling a leg injury. He took us out with strong words as always.

It was a pleasure to lead a group of men who are seeking out their own personal Crucible so that they may be transformed into something stronger, better.