15 men showed for a round of the PLYO beast. There were no FNGs so we were off

Bojangles opened late (or the biscuits weren’t ready- so the gate was locked) Merkin Indian run to the back parking lot. Warm-up. side straddle hop. mountain climber. right leg over left low plank hold. Left leg over right low plank hold. good am. Leg stretches

Jog down to the bottom of the hill for the modified beast. Stops were burpees, star jumps, squatjumps, tuck jumps, superman jump lunge, monkey humpers. On every cycle Larry Birds picked up and finished with the 6s. Between each cycle, six count J Lo.

Jog up to the playground. 1s – 10 pull-ups while 2’s AMRAP dying cockroaches. Set 2 – pull-ups /hammers and set3- pull-ups/LBC

Mosey to the parking lot by the gate for some Mary Merkins. two rounds of hammers. box cutters. two rounds World War II. plank jacks. we’re done

Announcements. Q school May 15 (Carrol MS N. Raleigh). pig picking for homeless May 12 (see McCants for details). healing transitions dinner May 17.

Lots of silent prayers today. YHC took us out. Have a great week guys it was great.


Burt proved that the “Spinners” are not the best F3 motivational music
Juco, Burt, that stands for Jr Coll. But could have been “Jumped Up and Cashed Out” with that early departure.
Q is always right. I don’t give a damn what that gps watch says. Timex takes a liken’ and keeps on tickin
Large, Grease, and Katniss thoroughly dominated the Beast. Billy wasn’t having that and kicked the Beast @$$ the final 4 legs
Hotspot – read “Freed to Lead”. Someone is the leader therefore someone (you) is the follower. Site Q has no dominion over THE Q
F3 is better with Burt