uno card birthday cake party decorations

With my second Q of the week, YHC realized it had been a year since I first joined the F3 Nation.  Considering it was also birthday week for the site Q Johnny Utah, I gave some thought to the type of party we might throw at Dawn Patrol.  It also gave me time to reflect on all that I’ve experienced over the last year.  The long winter has started to fade away and it’s hard to believe I posted with my brothers in 10 degrees, in wet/cold/rainy conditions, snow, etc.  What has kept me coming…I paused for some reflection and thought maybe this version of Dawn Patrol should be a “best of” (or worst of depending on your perspective) set of exercises.  As I pulled into Laurel Hills, I got at nice message from site Q that he was fartsacking…I understand…lots of rucking will do that to, with the MudRun awaiting, I was planning to shut down anyway to rest…no worries, we’ll party on… As I waited, I saw a few cars pull in and pondered what party snacks we should feast on…to my surprise, out pops Dredd, the one and only…time to bring it men…and so we went…


SSH x20, Locomotive x40 (same as Imperial Walker except we pick up speed like a train), Vertical Mountain Climbers x20, Ski Down x20, Recover on the jog to the covered shelter and picnic tables for some party snacks

* It shall be noted that YHC forgot to do the warm-up jog around the parking lot…something I would regret later

  • Round 1 – Johnny Double Jump-ups (OYO x20); Derkins x10; The Dip x10
  • Round 2 – Single Jump ups (OYO x10); Irkins x10; The Dip x20 (10 regular, 5 w/right leg up; 5 w/left leg up
  • Round 3 – Single Jump Ups (OYO x20); Derkins x10; The Dip x10 (5 w/right leg up; 5 w/left leg up)
  • Recover on the Jog to our rock and roll playground

Party Games (Split into 2 groups:  G1 = 5 and G2 = 4)

G1: Grab a sizable rock; G2 – Grab a spot on the wall

  • Round 1:  G1 – 20 Curls; G2 – Balls to the Wall;  G1 – 20 Costco’s (grab rock down by left leg and lift up at an angle to your right like you’re putting a box on a shelf) 10 left + 10 right; G2 – People’s chair (FLAPJACK)
  • Round 2:  repeato w/15 Curls and 14 Costco’s – FLAPJACK
  • Put rocks away
  • AUDIBLE – this is when YHC regretted not following protocol and properly warming up before any plyometrics (jumping exercises).  My hamstrings were already poised and the Costco seemed to tweak my left hammy.  YHC called a brief moment of pause for stretching
  • Recover on the jog to the soccer field

Field Games (All PAX on the line)

  • Round 1:  Sprint to other goal, 10 merkins, sprint back
  • Round 2: Bear crawl to other side; 10 merkins; sprint back
  • AUDIBLE:  Carolina Dry Docks – in cadence down the line (each PAX took a cadence)
  • AUDIBLE:  Carolina Dry Docks – same thing sending the cadence back up the line
  • Round 3:  Lunge Walk halfway + Sprint to other goal + 5 Prison Cell Merkin Burpees + Sprint back
  • 10 count rest – Recover on the jog to basketball courts


  • Reverse LBC x20
  • AUDIBLE:  Asked Cherie Berry to pick a mary – he called Merkin – after some mumblechatter from Dredd, YHC changed to Chilcutt hold + Sarkozy and Putin – resume Mary
  • LBC x20
  • Russian Hammer x20



  • F2 event – Beer tasting at Ridgewood Wine and Beer
  • MudRun – prayers for safety
  • New book by Dredd:  Freed2Lead – get your copy now
  • YHC shared his story about how he was invited by Orwell to F3 and finally posted a year ago.  It was timely that Dredd posted in Raleigh this week.  Respect my man…thanks for leading the way in Charlotte and beyond…
  • Dufregne – please keep him in your prayers
  • Orwell – pray for his work; family;
  • Forgive me if I left out anything