YHC was serving up Big MACs for 13 in the Juggernaut cold gloom.  No FNGs so no disclaimers verbalized (y’all know the drill), temps below freezing & all were ready!

Warmup:  25 SSHs, 20 Windmills, 20 IWs

The Thang:

Big MACS:  Big=Big loop of running from warm-up circle to front of park & back   MACS= 200 reps per letter

1st round- Big loop, then 100 Merkins & 100 freddy Mercuries (split up in 25 increments)

2nd round- Big loop, then 100 Air squats & 100 American hammers (split up in 50 increments)

3rd round- Big loop, then 100 Curls (with rocks) & 100 lbCs (split up in 25 increments)

4th round- Big loop, then 100 Step ups (boxer style) & 100 Stinkin dying cochroaches (split up in 50 increments)


Mary:  PLANK.  Announcements- Superstar turned 13, The Mule in March.

Prayers- Pygmy’s daughter, YHC took us out.