Finally got my browser set to actually be able to enter this post so here is the Backblast from the 1/14/14

The thang:Bringing up your game (since Floyd wasn’t here I themed my exercise after him) Everything was done through the stairs of the parking garage

Warm up: air squats x 20, Good mornings, Windmills, SSH, merkins,


Ground Air squats x 30

Up 1 Floor (2) walking lunges x 100 ft

Up 2 Floors (4) Jump squats x 30

Up 3 Floors (7) Sneaky Lunges (thanks Tony Horton) Toes only walking lunges

Chest and Shoulders

Ground Incline Merkins x 20

Up 1 floor (2) Standard Merkins x 20

Up 2 floors (4) Decline Merkins x 20

Up 3 floors (7) Handstand merkins x 10


Ground LBCs x 30

Up 1 floor (2) Freddy Mercurys x 30

Up 2 floors (4) WWIIs x 20

Up 4 floors (8) V ups x 20

Didn’t have time to finish with our set on Arms where we would have followed the same progression with Dips, rows, Leg up dips, and finished with chin ups.

So instead we just continued with dips until you couldn’t stand it anymore.