18 Posted North Hills today.  Fellowship run to the upper parking lot for warm-ups as follows:

  • 15 Good Mornings
  • 15 Front and Back Sir Geronimo, Purple People Eaters, I’ve not yet began to fight, one small step for me one giant step for mankind, Renalda Rivera, one more for the Gipper, Al Bundy, Fazio Arm Circles
  • 11 Imperial Walkers
  • 15 King David Leg Kicks…as we needed some good leg stretching for what was to happen next

MAIN Starts with:

  • Backward Bear Crawl all the way down Sisyphus.   YHC did not Beta Test this….for obvious self survival reasons.  Probably should have called an audible when my brain Weinke when off  at 4am I woke thinking….”Bear Crawls all the way down Sisyphus might be real bad”.      THEY WERE!
  • High Life led LBCs at the bottom while waiting for all to finish…Thanks HL
  • Run back to the top, where HL led Planks…then Mozey to Picknick table for:
  • Sets of 10, 15 then 20 of:   1) Derkins 2) Left.Right Step Ups 3) Irkins 4) Dips….with a backward run around the upper parking lot circle between sets   THANK YOU Zima and Fudd for taking over the cadence count on the 15 and 20s….PAX then Mozeys to the baseball field for:
  • Partner up with starting point being the edge of the in-field for Wheelbarrow’s to the fence, backward run to home plate, sprint back to end of in-field and Flap Jack, then Mozey to starting point Parking Lot for Mary
  • Overdraft then Zima (I recall) led 2 sets of abs,
  • YHC called favorite Windshield Wipers, then Gaylord led
  • 30 Merican Hammers, then YHC called
  • Have a Nice Day


YHC spoke of Powerful Facebook post of the driver in Cheech’s accident….commenting on so many F3 and FIA responses to the driver…with all these responses being full of LOVE to this young lady….WOW

Devotion below read, from Os Hillman.    YHC thinks a good analogy to the devotion is this.  What if all you ever did regarding F3 was read about it in all its forms…Back Blasts, Tweets, etc.   If you are reading this BB, you have done more than read about F3….you have joined in it and have formed relationships with fellow F3 PAX…..these relationships are powerful and in so many instances have changed you…notably changed your heart in a way most of us #1 didn’t think we needed and #2 didn’t think possible to ever happen….Well it did, and you and those around you have been and are BLESSED because of it.

The same way GOD calls you into a relationship with him…not just reading and learning about him.   I encourage you to form a relationship with HIM through HIS SON JESUS….the difference will be even more pronounced than the above example of only reading/learning of F3 vs forming relationships with F3 Brothers.

Elsinore Prayed us out….Powerful as Always

I Love you Knuckleheads


“I will bend Judah as I bend my bow and fill it with Ephraim. I will rouse your sons, O Zion, against your sons, O Greece, and make you like a warrior’s sword” (Zech 9:13).

In the early church there was an emphasis on developing a heart toward God. This was the Hebraic way. The scriptures were not accessible like they are for us. So, the relationship with God was the key focus. God related to his people on a personal and intimate level. And obedience was the key to a healthy relationship with God. Decisions were not made based on reason and analysis, but by obedience. “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom” (Ps. 111:10).

This is why many of the miracles performed in the Bible went against natural reason, (i.e. feeding five thousand, crossing the Red Sea, retrieving a coin from a fish’s mouth, walking around Jericho to win a battle, etc.) God constantly wanted to check the leader’s obedience, not his knowledge. Knowledge and reason came into the early Church with the Greek scholars in subsequent centuries. This is when the church began to affirm oratory skills among Church leaders. Gradually, over many centuries the focus on knowledge and reason has become more accepted in the Church.

Loss of intimacy with God has been the fallout as a result of the influence of the Greek spirit. The primary focus has been teaching and discipleship instead of the development of a personal and intimate relationship with God. This has resulted in a form of religion, but one without power.

In the early church, the rabbi was there primarily for quality control, not as the primary teacher and speaker. He did not even address the people from an elevated platform. The whole congregation was in a more circular format, each sharing what they believed God was saying. The focus was on the power of God working through each individual, not one individual (1 Cor. 14:26).

Is your focus on gaining more knowledge or growing in intimacy and power with Jesus? He desires to know you intimately.