E.C. Old Maid and Banjo [Q]
4 rounds of stairs; Good afternoons, various stretches, lots of hammers and merkins, ascending – descending testicle merkins.
3 rounds of stairs; lots of LBCs, more merkins.
Extra Credit Done.

3 pax and 1 on the way, warm up jog around municipal building and return to flags for warm up: SSH, [Custom Baker arrives] windmills, and something else.

Beta Test: Mosey to the parking deck for lots of stuff that included: lunge walks backwards and forwards, burpees, merkins, forward and backward running, some hammers and squats, and more stuff.

Head back to the flags for dealers choice Mary: LBC’s, box cutters, Homer to Marge, and L/R oblique crunches. DONE in 45.

* Christmas party Dec 15, 6:30 at Mellow Mushroom
* CARPEX / Churham convergence December 31
* Toy drive: collecting toys for Sweet Tooth. Ma Bell is queue. Give toys to site Qs.
* Challenges going out to Q #F3RushHour and bring a buddy that hates am workouts.

Prayer Concerns:
* McCants Uncle-in-law
* Custom Bakers’ son’s friend Zack
* Couple of others; YHC just can’t remember.

* Old Maids sons grades are up
* Banjo’s sister – 18 years of sobriety

Riptide took us out.

* Lots of mumble chatter [complaining, and more complaining, and once or twice, “I am done with this”]
* T-claps for Old Maid and extra credit. Just think, more work coming and you have no idea.
* Custom Baker was toast
* Riptide asked for and received the smoothie, jury still out.