22 PAX arrived for a little workout before Snow/Ice-mageddeon descends upon Raleigh.  As promised, we did some light jogging at fellowship pace.  After around 90 seconds of that, we did:

WARM-UP:  SSH x 20, Windmills x 10, Fazios x 10 (and reverse), Mtn Climber x 20, Good Mornings x 10

DIRTY McDEUCE:  Merkins, Prisoner Squats, Cockroaches x 12 each, x 4 sets, 12 seconds rest between sets

Quick dog-leg right sprint up hill, to BofA ATM, and back

BEAST:  8 “cones”, 6 count at each cone= 48 of each exercise, plank for the PAX once done.  Exercises were burpees, squats, merkins, Dan Jansens, dry docks, hammers. wide grip merkins, WWII situps.

Another sprint up to BofA ATM, jog back to cars for 90 second chilcutt.


-Maize forgot to bring me some actual cones.  The parking lot lines did fine but it just goes to show that you can’t rely on Maize.

-Lots happening w F3 Raleigh.  Convergence March 1 at Pullen for 2nd Anniv of F3 Raleigh.  Bring an FNG or someone we haven’t seen in a while.  YHC is working on Big Sproles, although Chong is hampering my effort.

-Costco has a whole lot of Bella Monica headed to his house that you are welcome to go eat IF tomorrow’s 2ndF event at Raleigh Brewing is cancelled.  Keep an eye on Twitter for updates.

-Keep an eye on Twitter for updates on Thirsty Thursday as well.

-Fazio says I did the Beast wrong, mumbling something about 6-6-6, not 6-8-8.  It was fun either way.

-Rain Man liked my Tar Heel shirt (and who wouldn’t) but offered some constructive criticism for not modifying cadence count to insult Dook.

-Have fun in the snow, and stay safe.