Warmup: break into two groups and Indian run to Joyner lacrosse field. Circle up for SSH x 20, Good Mornings x 10, Mountain Climbers x 10, and Windmills x 10


Partner up with each team collectively knocking out 140 burpees. While partner 1 was repping out some burpees, Partner 2 bear-crawled 20 yards and ran back, then flapjack. Repeato until the sum of 140 was reached


Ran the lacrosse field with stops for 6 reps at ¼ distance, ¾ distance, the other end, then back to the same stops. For each exercise called out was a total of 30 reps. Exercises called out were:

Star Jumps, Merkins, Squats, Diamond Merkins, and Carolina Dry Docks,


Back to the fence for some People’s Chair


Headed back with stops for Balls to Wall and LBCs, then sprinted back final distance.

Wrapped up with Russian Hammers x 20


  • welcome FNG Gypsy Danger. The PAX didn’t seem to get the reference and that’s when you know it’s a    good F3 name
  • with only three weeks in, Milli Vanilli is stepping up and will be co-Qing in two weeks. Way to go brotha!
  • special congratulations go out to The Balsa Gliders  for reaching #1 on the iTunes indie chart.
  • Mr. Furley eloquently took us out

*As always, a pleasure to be part of this incredible group of men