13 men rolled out of bed this morning to get better at a F3 Raleigh Anchor Time post. This has become one of YHC’s favorite sites. Not exactly sure why but running around ITB is not a bad place to be.

Admittedly, YHC forgot about signing up to Q today. Luckily, a late evening text the day before and the Tweeter machine jogged the memory. Despite being battered on Twitter as the star of “What’s The Boss” and/or the Pink Panther, YHC(aka Tony Danza) rose to the occasion.

Side note*** Panty Hose is alive and actually posted this morning, despite some prior no-show HCs.

We began promptly at 5:30 with a brief intro, disclaimer and mission statement. Off we moseyed to the parking lot behind the Fire Station for Warmarama:

SSHs x15 IC

Imperial Walkers x15 IC

Cotton Pickers x15 IC

Mosey back to the corner of Oberlin and Fairview for the Thang. Today, YHC was determined to do some hill work. We started at the corner of Oberlin and Fairview with instructions to jog down Oberlin to Glenwood, stopping at each lit light pole(11 total). On the way to Glenwood, 10 merkins at each stop. On the way back to Fairview, 5 burpees at each stop. When done, the Pax completed 5 burpees OYO together.

Next we mosey to the State Farm parking lot for 5 rounds of Balls to the Wall followed by an exercise across the parking lot and back. For the first 4 rounds of BTTW, each Pax member sounded off a 5-count until all were done. In between rounds, we bear crawled, crab walked, high knees and lunged across the parking lot and back. The last BTTW round was an 8-count by each Pax.

Then we moseyed back to the home base parking lot entrance on Fairview for some suicides down the hill on Fairview and back. Pax would run the distance of two light poles, perform 10 sumo squats, and back pedal up the hill to the starting point. Repeat to four light poles, six light poles and finally 8 light poles. This doesn’t sound like much but the back-pedaling up the hill was a beast.

All in all, this was a fairly simple workout but still got the job done. We covered roughly 2.5 miles and got a few hills and exercises in too.

One thing that was emphasized today is the Pax does not leave any man behind. There was constant encourage from everyone and if someone was done before the six, they ran back to him and brought him home. YHC truly believes this is one of the secrets of F3 and how it makes someone feel knowing their fellow brothers are willing to come back for them, encourage them and lift them up. YHC knows what being in the back feels like but believes there is a big difference in the back of the Pack versus the back of the Pax. Aye? Kudos to the men for believing in that today and making their fellow man feel at home.

Announcement and prayer requests were brief.

While Whale took us out in a very thoughtful prayer.

As always, it was a pleasure to lead today.