As we all uncover from the nasty winter weather we keep reminding ourselves Spring is on the way. Kids are back to school and the routine is back.  This am 7 Pax returned to the AO known as Mutiny. A large number compared to recent weeks.

The Warm Up
Run to back parking lot
25 x Jacks
20 x Windmills
20 x Mountain Climbers
X Standard Merkins

The Thang: Play the hand you are dealt (This is not your normal Texas Holdem)
Face Card – Sprint to far tennis court and back
Diamonds – Diamond Merkins
Hearts – Jumping Jacks
Clubs – Mountain Climber + Plank Jacks
Spades – Squats
Jokers – 25 Burpees
Aces – 15 of suite
50 Burpees
69 Squats
69 Mountin Climbers combined with 69 Plank Jacks
69 Jumping Jacks
69 Awesome Diamond Merkins (Pushups)

Line up around loop
Each Pax calls a plank exercise as the pax before him runs the outside of the loop repeat till all pax have ran.

Jog back to pavilion
30 reverse LBC
30 low slow flutter
25 windshield wipers
Inner Thigh Stretch
Cobra Stretch

Prayers for Yosef and his family
Prayers for New Mexico Wife during Consignment Sale
Prayers for Boots and his family as they are putting his dog down

Q School
Mud Run
Howard trip to africa and collecting money to send soccer balls

Well done men. I am always honored and challenged to lead you. I know as it warms up the numbers will grow.