Back to F3, Back to Basics

YHC was back to F3 (back to basics) after a 3+ week hiatus. After being bogged down by work it was nice to be back in gloom.

Welcome Maximus from Fort Mill, and we’re off…


Jog around the soccer field stopping at each corner
20 Windmills IC
20 Imperial Walkers IC
20 Mountain Climbers IC

THE THANG: Back to F3, back to basics

[Merkin / Ab Superset:
Repeat 5 cycles of:
– 10 Merkins
– 10 LBCs
– 10 Wide-arm Merkins
– 10 WWII’s
– 10 Diamond-grip Merkins
– 10 X’s and O’s]

Lineup sideline soccer field
Jog to midpoint, sprint to endline
Repeato 5X
Wall sits
10X Bropees OYO

[Leg / Ab Superset:
Repeat 5 cycles of:
– 10 Squat jumps
– 10 Heels to Heaven
– 10 Jump lunges
– 10 Rosalitas
– 10 Tuck Jumps
– 10 Hello Dolly]

MARY: Been there done that



Spartan race at Fort Bragg (Floyd) / GoRuck (Doogie), September 10
GORUCK challenge in Fort Mill (Maximus), date?
Prayer Requests:
Riggs house broken into, family not home, everyone ok
All the new 2.0’s here and on-the-way

QIC: Bones
Workout Date: 08/11/2016
The PAX: Beaker, Bones, Bushwood, Cardiac, Doogie, Floyd, Maximus, Sweater Vest

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