YHC was pleased to find a sunny, dry, and warm (38 degrees, I’ll take it) morning as I made my way to Raleigh’s finest uptown Saturday offering. The weather did not match my mood, however, as I have smartsacked, fartsacked, vacationed, and fell down with illness and poor excuses this winter. Time to get back in gear with some self-inflicted pain. Apologies to all that showed up, but then again, that’s why you keep showing up, so what I’m really trying to say is “you’re welcome.”

Warm-up: Jog the front of the school and back to parking lot, interspersing butt-kickers and high-knees along the way. Felt a little like Hi-Fidelity (hint, hint).

The Thang:
Circle up for: SSH x20, Good Morning x20, Imperial Walkers x20, Imperial Mountain Climbers (knees out) x20, Windmill x20, Merkin x15

Recover on the jog across the front of school and find a spot on the rail. Ascending/Decending cadence ladder of Rows/AirSquats:
Round 1: Rowsx5/ASx15
Round 2: Rowsx10/ASx10
Round 3: Rowsx15/ASx5

Recover on the jog to the track for what I am calling “Back on the line.” Feel free to offer your own titles in the comments section.

200m sprint, recover in plank to reform group, 10 count for good measure
Dan Jansens x20
200m sprint, recover in plank, 10 count Putin
Wide-grip merkin x15
200m sprint, recover in plank, 10 count Sarcozi
Alternating Reverse Lunge x20
200m sprint, recover in plank, 10 count low plank
Diamond Merkin x10

400m Sprint, recover.

200m sprint, recover in plank, 10 count high plank
Wide-grip merkin x15, single leg deadlift R x10, L x10
200m sprint, reover in plank, 10 count
Carolina Dry Dock x 15, Alternating forward Lunge x10
200m sprint, recover in plank, 10 count
Diamond Merkin x10, Air Squat x10
200m sprint, recover in plank, 10 count
Carolina Dry Dock x10, Alternating forward Lunge x10

400m Sprint, recover.

Fellowship pace to the rock pile for COP:
Squat press x10
Crusher curl x10
Alternating forward lunge x10
Shoulder to shoulder x10
Single leg deadlift Rx10, Lx10
bent-over row x15

Place rocks back gently in their resting place, fellowship pace back to parking lot for Mary:
Freddy Mercury x20
Heels to Heaven x 10
LBC x20
Plank Jack x20
Nippler x20

That is all.

T-claps to our 2 FNGs Scrum and Cherie Berry! Strong work from start to finish. Watch out for these 2.

Praise and prayers for Dufrense as he is at home again and resuming his physical therapy…and whatever else you want to call it when we show up! A few words I will call it are: amazing, inspiring, challenging, fun, and the best 45 minutes of your week. Get there.

Next Saturday is big. No Catalyst, as we will ALL be at the 2nd anniversary of F3Raleigh workout at Pullen. I repeat, no Catalyst this Saturday. Bring a friend or two, this will be big.

Then…double down with Shaggy and crew for the Kilt Run that afternoon. VERY short run (wearing a kilt) followed by an 8k through our fair city.

Our GORUCK Custom Challenge is 5/03/13. Training will begin shortly. This is a team event that will challenge you in many ways and strengthen you in so many more. You can and should do this with your F3 brothers. Get informed and get in.

Thank you for opportunity to Q this fine group. Your strength and effort is inspiring.