PAX of 19 met at the front lot of the #NCMA for this week’s edition of The Judge, with a set to balance the needs of BRR and the love of good old boot camps  Clear skies on a welcomed cool morning.

The Thang:

Short jog to Reedy Creek Road, brief warm-up. SSH x 15, Mountain Climbers x 10. Good Mornings x 15, Merkins x 10

Partner Up

Run down Reedy Creek to the parking lot of the government building on the left before Edwards Mill, 50 team Spiderman Merkins (for Denali)

Run back to the start, but from the orange cone to Blue Ridge perform Broad Jump Burpees

Repeat back down to the parking lot, add 10 to the Spiderman Merkin team total when you return. Time called at 6:12 & circle up in the front parking lot. LBCs x 25

COT with prayer by Freebird

Q.O.D.: “You can be deliberate and thoughtful, build powerful relationships, and help solve key problems as you return to visit your friends in this community, or you can be selfish, get your passport stamped repeatedly, upload some fun Facebook pictures of your trips, and have the experience of a lifetime. When it does nothing for the community you visited, it is nothing more than missional consumerism. “

-Christopher Marlowe

Naked Moleskin:

-T-claps to Pepe & Swingline for burning the course today, Big Bopper is theirs until the next time. Mileage clocked in at 4.2 according to a device, more than YHC thought at first. Blue Crush has the Spiderman Merkin process down, breezing through the counts with full extension. Bobby Bucher takes the prize for best broad jump among the PAX, looked too smooth to jump that far. Whatever Plebe is doing for his BRR training is working. Welcome Freebird from F3ENC, look for him at the BRR.

-Potato plays bball for NCSU apparently, strong. Nice seeing Pantyhose out there less a week into married life, think some PAX are looking into Primland this morning. Prayers for Yogi’s friend who just lost their father.

Labor Day Convergence at 7am, Pullen Park : No other Raleigh options, there will be a non-running alternative Q’d by Rain Man. YHC & Pepe have the other.

9-11 Stair Climb on Sunday September 11th : Arrive at 6:30 (Gate 4, Carter-Finley Stadium @ Vaughn Towers). We’ll be on the stairs by 6:45, lots of coupons provided. Spread this word and EH your brothers to be there. COT on the field if weather permits with special speaker.

See you in the gloom! Sign up to Q!