Introductions of YHC to the pax due to the long morning absence, and first meeting of Pierogi. A few congratulatory remarks made to YHC hitting the R-E-S-P-E-C-T + 1 mark. There are no Effen geez so we are off. Head down to crossroads, via the bridge for warm-up. SSH, Merkins , low plank jack, good morning.

Mosey to the scenic overlook, more warm up: Imp walker, wind mills and Old man hammers (just a little more old school). Mosey back to the intersection and squat it out.

Pyramid. Alternate between man carries up hill and backwards jog up hill. Run down.
6-12-18-12-6 Burpees at top
18-12-6-12-18 Merkins at the bottom
LBC’s when done

Mosey to bridge for tunnel of love, bear crawl across, plank on hand rail.

Recover on jog back to gate.

6 jump ups on the wall.

Mosey to Basketball court for COT

Mary lead by newest pax: Leg lifts, hammers, boat canoe, Freddy mercury.

– 2nd F: Carpex Christmas party December 15 6:30 PM at Mellow Mushroom. Co-Ed. Thanks Riptide
– 1st F: Thanksgiving day at B.O. 7-8am Ma Bell is your Q. Followed with Turkey Bowl at 9:30 – see Burt.
– 1st F: Black Friday at Danger Zone 7 to 8 AM. Largemouth is your Q.
– 3rd F starting up on December 7th after SNS workout (See Shut-In or Callahan for details)
– 1st F: New Year’s Eve CARPEx / Churham Convergence – Sat 12/31, 7-8am at Thin Blue Line. (See Ma Bell)
* Toy drive: collecting toys for Sweet Tooth. Ma Bell is queue. Give toys to site Qs. Due Dec 9 or was it 16?
* Collecting money for Khakis friend that lost his wife and unborn children.
* Turkey donations for “m4life”. Pet sounds is your Q.

– Smokey praises the beautiful day
– Sabans coworkers loss
– Loom and family
– Angry Elfs cousin fighting forest fires.

YHC took us out sharing something about the following during this season of Thanks and Giving.
“So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.” James 4:17

The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action. -John Dewey

– Quiet group this am. Where’s Burt you ask. Birds chirping? Ask Weston.
– Smoky don’t like to run, but says he is a year away. Birthday promises – Mark your calendar.
– Nice to meet Peirogi. Blueberry is his favorite. Nothin else said.
– Angry Elf ready for the glow run. Help the man out. He needs some gear.
– YHC thought he had missed the #9. He was mistaken.
– Wife Beaters and telephones have a direct correlation.
– Saban is lucky there are no snotwogglers down his back.
– Sites Q’s In Absentia
– 9 men opened the birthday festivities for YHC. Thank you.