26 turnt it up for a fast-pace humpday beatdown.  Best way to stay warm is to stay moving, that’s my cold Q f3ilosphy!

Here’s what that looked like in action.

Warm Up

We did the following on the move.  Rip appreciated my play on his signature move #PAXpleaser.

  • 10 Good Mornings
  • 15 Hillbillies
  • 20 SSHs
  • 25 Standard Merkins

The Thang

Partner up with someone a different speed than you.  (Fast guys with slow guys being ideal).

Lightpole Leap Frog

  • P1:  Floyd Mayweather
  • P2:  Run to next light pole, leapfrogging P1s
  • Continue down to #BillyRun starting line

#PAXpleaser again paying homage to Ollie’s use of light poles.  You should have heard his excitement.  You should NOT have heard what it does to him…no one should have.

  • Run to shelter and choose merkins or picking up the 6.  #PAXpleaser letting the wild stallions tear down the hill at their normal quarter mile pace.  Airbag heard merkins AMRAP and that dude was GONE!  Almost melted his track suit with how fast those legs were moving.

Parking Lot Laps

  • P1:  Imperial Marches on tip toes AMRAP (where is Bartman when you need him??)
  • P2:  Run a lap
  • Flapjack
  • Next Set:  Low Slow Squats
  • Final Set:  (modified) Australian Mountain Climbers from off the picnic bench

Pyramid Laps

  • 5-10-15-10-5 Merkin-mid, Partners run opposite and when they meet they do a Merkin set
  • 5-10-15-10-5 Abdo-mid, Partners run and meet up for Dying Cockroaches
  • When partners finish perform Dips AMRAP while the 6 finish
  • 20 Star Jumps  /  20 Merkins

Hill Webbs

Find a small hill to sprint with burpees after each set, Jack Webb style

  • 1 Hll Sprint  /  3 Burpees
  • 2 Hill Sprints  /  6 Burpees
  • 3 Hill Sprints  /  9 Burpees
  • Out of time, YHC had us doing up to 5 sprints but that’ll do!



  • Christmas Party:  Dec 15th at Mellow Mushroom Cary, 6:30PM.  Thanks Riptide for getting that set up!  There will be a fundraiser at the party for Levi Moore.  More details to come…
  • Toy Drive:  Operation Sweet Tooth in Carpex is under way.  Please bring in toys when you post and give to Ma Bell or your site Q.  Toys will be donated to Toys for Tots and also McCants may have specific toy ideas we can use to support local Raleigh kids too!!
  • Carpex Third F:  Callahan and Shut-In are starting up a Third F at Bruggars from 0645-0715 one Wednesday a month starting December 7th!  More details to come…
  • Turkey Drive:  Donate to M4L in South Wake to support the Turkey drive for the Rescue Mission.  Look to Pet Sounds for M4L’s paypal, its in the Google Group.
  • BO Torch Passing:  Be out there tomorrow to see the passing of the torch at BO!
  • Concert at FUMC:  November 19th at 6:30, Alathea benefit concert for ASP!  Check Ma Bell for more details.

Prayers and Praises

  • Saban’s Loss of CoWorker
  • Blue n Out’s Friends Loss of Adoption
  • Unspoken / Country / Unity / Be the Light!
  • Praises:  All of these announcements get me excited for the future of F3 Carpex.  Lots of good things going on that build us into what F3 calls #HIM, High Impact Men.  Strengthen each other to go out and strengthen our community.  Let’s do it!!


  • One more announcement…
  • Whew, we lit it up with announcements today.  That’s a good thing!
  • We also lit it up on the pavement, great work by all!
  • First time Qing the rowdy SNS Pax…kinda liked it.
  • Callie and I checked out Bruggars to get an idea if it will work for 3rd F.
  • We need Jesus.
  • There’s already a breakfast crew who are definitely well in to their #RESPECTS that were giving out stank eyes to us.
  • There may be a turf war on December 7th, stay tuned!
  • If that in and of itself doesn’t make you want to go to the 3rd F I don’t know what will 🙂
  • Did you see the PAX are in alphabetical order.  Yeah.  I did that.
  • Q Hint:  Use Excel then just order by A->Z, boom, easy.
  • Hill Webbs WILL be back.
  • That was barely a whiff.
  • And I enjoyed the aroma.
  • Did ya’ll notice the 55s crew and the Hates crew during COT?
  • Aww snap!  Millenials vs Gen Xers (Who watches Survivor still?  Anyone?)
  • Math equation to take us out for the day:
  • Burt minus a Lulu = Callahan
    Make it a great day, fellas!