6 pax merged on the Vortex for another playlist of pain.

The Thang:

The beatdown started strong with a warmup of SSH, IW, Good Mornings, and Mountain Climbers to the sounds of 300 Violin Orchestra.

The playlist of pain began: 30 seconds per exercise to music on shuffle. When the songs changes (every 30 seconds) move on to the next exercise. Exercises on the field: High Knees, Butt Kickers, Cherry Pickers, Ski Jumps, Burpees Peter Parkers, Rest and Repeat. Bear Crawls, Squats, Walking Lunges, Suicides, Crab Walk, Rest, Repeat.

Run over to the playground and continue the playlist. One person does 30 seconds of pullups on the wheel of misery while the group exercises: SSH, Wide Grip Merkins, Log Jumps, Fast Feet Football Stance w/ Merkins, Mountain Climbers, High Jumps, Rest Repeat (this time the person does upward rows on the swings while the group exercises).

Run over to the tennis courts to continue the playlist of pain. Sprint in place and hurdle on command over line, 4 SSH/ 4 Merkins, Apollo Ohno, Moving Merkins, 4 Air Squats/ 8 Mountain Climbers, Rest, Repeat.

Find a line on the court. Front/ Back line jumps, Side to Side, Straddle the line and switch the feet, Squat Jabs, Jump Lunge.

Mary (continue the playlist): LBC, Freddie Mercury, Russian Hammer, Mileys, WWIIs, Long Slow Flutter, Rest, Plank (since Thunderstruck came on right at this moment we went down on for a merkin on the “Thunder!”), Plank Down, Left/ Right arm high, Plank Up, Regular.


Moleskin- Nice to see Two-Ply out on a Tuesday. Nice to see the Vortex grow!