Despite the cold temps (seriously… it wasn’t even freezing!) and wind on the top deck of the Duke Hospital parking garage, 4 pax, wishing they were still in bed, decided to start their day off right.

Warm-up: yog
At this point, Flying J was very excited about the remote possibility of snow this afternoon/evening and launched into a cleveland snow story… we did an unknown number of SSH, windmills, arm circles, IWs, and stretching

to the stairs – 6 flights – right single leg hop up 1 flight, 4 right single leg burpees, left single leg hop up 1 flight, 4 left single leg burpees – repeato to the top

Circuits – each person rotates between each exercise once
circuit 1: run, jump rope, bungee cord upright rows, pistol squats on ledge
circuit 2: run, jump rope, bungee cord bicep curls, dips
circuit 3: run, jump rope, bungee cord tricep extensions, merkins
circuit 4: hanging knee ups, squat jumps, derkins, ______ (sorry)

Mary: 20 count each – mission impossible, WW2s, heels2heaven, superman

– Flying J loves snow days.
– Mudrun sign-ups end tomorrow – if there are questions, let me know and I’ll get you in touch with Maize … there are plenty of guys from Raleigh and abroad doing it and you’ll get a team
– Thursday “Tobacco Road” 0530, Herndon Park in South Durham… Floyd is running the show… calvinball 3?
– Saturday “The Inferno” 0700, Mad Hatters in Downtown Durham… Lucky Strikes and Paparazzi… will prove to be a burner.