I am pleased to announce to you that Snowbird (@AdamPallesen) will be the new 1st F Q for F3 Raleigh going forward.  It has been my honor to serve F3 Raleigh in this role for the past 2 years, and I am thankful for all of the support and assistance.  What F3 Raleigh is doing only works with dedicated site Q’s so please keep up your leadership and good work. 

One year ago today, F3 Raleigh workouts shut down for 7 weeks for CoVID.  Currently, we have more AOs than ever before, an increasing variety of workout options, strong attendance in spite of the wettest winter I can recall, and F3 pax continuing to positively impact our community.  In short, we’re living into our mission to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

With Spring upon us and warmer mornings ahead, now is a great time to encourage a buddy, neighbor, or brother-in-law off his couch or out of his gym and into the gloom.  Our brotherhood is filled with such an incredible variety of pax.  Some post once and never return.  Others post workouts 7-days a week and add pre-runs each morning.  Most fall somewhere in between.  Let’s continue to give away F3 as it was given to us.

April Challenge

Invite as many FNGs or Kotters (brother who hasn’t posted in a while) into the gloom.  Track it on 2021f3raleighchallenge.com.  To get your name added to the rolodex, please reach out to Snowbird at apallesen@gmail.com or @AdamPallesen.


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